The catch-22 of webstats

Fact: You can measure more or less everything online. Another fact: Web-stats is a must on every site.

Why is it that many still struggle with getting the necessary ressources to take advantage of these fact? Last week I attended a so-called workshop which turned out to be a combo of a sales pitch and Webstats 101 so I was a bit disappointed by the lack of practical work.

During the general presentation of KPI’s etc. I felt myself taken 6 years back in time, listening to the same speech. Sure, the technology has evolved, but obviously there are still many who miss the vital point: Using webstats is more than buying a tool, it’s also about resources!

It doesn’t matter how fancy your tool is if you don’t employ someone to use it properly and this is where the Catch-22 kicks in: You can’t hire a webanalyst because you can’t prove the value of your website – and you can’t prove the value of your website without someone to analyse the data!

You wouldn’t spend $100.000+ on a truck without having a truck driver just because someone told you that “you needed one of those”, or would you?


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