Relevancy is NOW

Last week I attended a conference called ‘NOW is Digital’ organised by Headstart New Media Network (a local initiative in Aarhus) and it proved to be both interesting but it left me with a strange sensation that there is still a long way to go for new/social media.

The intersting part was a presentation by Monique de Haas about transmedia storytelling – something I have never heard about before. The all-knowing Wikipedia tells ud that “In Transmedia storytelling, content becomes invasive and fully permeates the audience’s lifestyle” – sounds a bit scary when you put it that way! I know it is quite far removed from my work in the intranet world, I was reminded about James Robertson’s little story about Sarah and her encounters with the omnipresent intranet called “Morris”.

Granted. The intranet is only one media so there’s not that much “trans-media” here, but all the same you need to have many entry points so that your intranet can ‘invade’ the audience’s (employee’s) lifestyle – in the most positive sense, of course. It’s there when you need it and it actually helps you without being overly complicated.

And there you have it – it’s all about relevancy. After listening to presentations about mobile apps, storytelling, and even design of a museum it struck me that even though the presenters were talking about very different things, they were all talking about relevancy in one form or the other.


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