Does design really matter? – a reflection…

I suppose it depends on what you are trying to create. The reason for asking this question is that I was looking through some intranet designs and it struck me how different they were from many websites. This is actually a great example that design is not always the most important thing in the world – even though a lot of people try to convince you about the opposite.

I’m not saying that design isn’t important – of course it is – it’s just not in all situations that it’s the MOST important. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how something looks as long as it either gets the job done, or helps you get YOUR job done – one way or the other then it doesn’t matter all that much if the buttons are nice and brightly colored or if they are plain grey.

Does design matter? Are you trying to sell stuff, then yes. If you are trying to help people do stuff it doesn’t matter as much – in stead it matters if they get the job done easily…


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