Another year – another survey

Admitted! I am fed up with user satisfaction surveys and has been for a while, but here I find myself preparing this year’s edition of our Intranet Satisfaction Survey – in other words, ready to spam a few thousand of my fellow employees. A good, and very relevant, question from my colleague was “What would you like to achieve with it?” got me thinking about the big “why?”. I know that very little has happened on the intranet over the last 12 months which effectively means that we are stuck more or less exactly where we are last year. This is of course sad, but also a perfect reason for running a survey.

Not only will you get an immediate picture of what that the state of the intranet is right now, but you also get a clear picture of what happens if you DON’T do anything to improve or just make some adjustments. In several conversations I have promoted the view that the most important characteristic about a good intranet is that it continuously adapts to the company. If it has stalled the company has either moved away from the intranet which is rather worrying or the company is going bust which is even worse!

Regardless of the outcome it will be really interesting to see the development and while painting a bleak picture in the above, we have made some improvements in the collaboration area so I have a hope that this can serve as a good example to be followed – that you need to invest to improve.

In other words, I’m sending out a survey to a bunch of people and in 8 of 10 areas I hope for the worst – Wish me luck! 🙂


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