Conference: Internal Social Media Forum

I have been invited to speak at Internal Social Media Forum by Forward Networking in Madrid on November 4th.

Internal Social Media Forum, Madrid November 2011

With a very interesting and strong lineup of speakers I feel honored, but also a bit humbled, to present at this interesting event. Already now I am looking forward to learn more from others, but also to present my own learnings, some of which is still in the making so the final outcome is not yet fully known.

The topic of my presentation will be about getting social media on the internal agenda. Here are the headlines:

Bringing social media into the organisation
– How to create a framework “mid-air” when social media has already taken off?
– Linking social media to your business goals and corporate values.
– Empower and educate: How to increase awareness and comfort using social media among employees.
– Knowledge sharing and facilitating best practises.
– Identifying mavens, connectors, and other VIPs.
– Tools and user adoption – Learnings so far.

As I mentioned, some of these topics are still being explored and who knows? Maybe you can read some of the insights at this blog in a not too distant future – if not come to Madrid and learn more from a lot of excellent speakers.


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