Flight E-2.0 taking off – Destination: Unknown

Back in December I was recommended to read Enterprise 2.0 by Andrew McAfee and so I did. A very inspiring book which really provided some food for thought and put some of my own thoughts into a new context. This is not a review of the book – I have included links to a couple of reviews at the end of this post.

Working in a highly dispersed and specialised – but also fairly old – organisation it has become very obvious to me that we have a number of very strong informal networks within the company and I believe that’s one of the main reasons that the concept of weak ties really struck a chord with me, and also made me wonder if this could be a relevant angle for introducing the concept of an internal social network.

In one of my previous posts I wrote about our annual intranet survey, and back then I decided to include some questions around social media in the organisation. Now the results are in and as you can see below, almost 30% “don’t know” if an internal social network will improve collaboration internally.

From 2011 intranet satisfaction survey

This obviously helps make the case, and with a plethora of “free to try” tools available, I feel that now is the time to see if a corporate network can bring value to the company. The big questions: Can modern technology ie. a corporate social network…

…Bring “us” closer together?
…Help break down organisational and geographical barriers?
…Speed up the process of finding information and knowledge?

Now the next step is to get backing to run an actual pilot. We already have the obligatory rogue networks on eg. Yammer internally which, all things considered, will make it easier to recruit people to help spread the word, but there is no guarantee that this initiative will succeed.

Other companies succeed – we can too. It requires an effort, it requires support, but first and foremost it requires that the right people BELIEVE that this can make a difference. It almost sounds religious and maybe it is, but now that I think of it, many of the most significant changes in the world has not happened because of careful planning (and business cases) but as a result of a strong belief and commitment.

We’re ready on the tarmac – all we need is a ‘Go!’ from the control tower! Stay tuned for updates – over… 🙂


If you are looking for more about the book I can recommend the comprehensive reviews by Samuel Driessen (who recommended the book to me – much appreciated) and Gil Yehuda.


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