There’s an app for that – but do we need one?

How often haven’t you heard the expression “There’s an app for that!”. Among online pros it is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek comment, but unfortunately other are listening and it seems like they have the impression that if there’s NOT an app for that we certainly need to build one!

Look! Apps! (by Cristiano Betta)

But wait a minute – Don’t we need a proper, rock-solid business case? Nope. Not this time. Apps are great. Just great. And we’ll be first movers – that’s value enough!


Admitted. Not the usual approach, but for once someone has seen the infamous light and they believe – a rare thing these days, but also where many great things start.

In other words, and to answer my own question from the header: YES! We need the app! If everything goes as planned you will end up with a (free) test for mobile platforms for internal communication which – for the likes of me – is far from revolutionary, but is a giant leap of almost Neil Armstrong’ish proportions for others. Success is not a given, but with solid backing and strong interest you are certainly on the right track – even before you get going properly.

A few cautionary thoughts have also entered my mind: I’m not saying that we shouldn’t build apps and explore all the new exciting corners, but it is our responsibility as online pros to look beyond the novelty effect and make sure that it fits in with the rest (…dare I mention Second Life?). One day the novelty wears off and the last thing we want is to be the last ones at the party having to clean up after the others just because something was cool for 15 minutes. There’s not much fun in that!


Stay tuned for updates – the above is a summary of my own thoughts following an app-discussion and at the time of writing things are looking good 🙂


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