A small, but very important, step for the intranet

Monday last week we launched a new and improved way of publishing news on our intranet – possibly the biggest change in our intranet communication in 5 years. Along with this we introduced interactive features in the shape of comments and just as important – thumbs. Both up and down.

Interactive features in the broad perspective this is not new, but among my colleagues words like ”revolution” and ”innovative” have been uttered, which tells me that we are lagging behind, but also that ’we’ know it, and more importantly we are ready to embrace the change and see the perspectives.

In the process I did experience some concerns whether people would interact with the news through our new features. I kept assuring people that they would and now the verdict is in:

So far – after 1 week – we have had:

  • More than 400 ”thumbs”
  • Over 30 comments
  • Several reactions via email (mostly good)

This is excellent – especially when we take into consideration that we have done virtually no marketing other than a banner and a news story. In my opinion the result so far  shows that although we had a suspicion that people did not talk much about the news we publish, they would willingly discus and rate – engage if you like. This was based on the amount of feedback gathered in surveys, and this proves to be correct.

Next challenge is to get even more comments. My colleagues and I are asking for feedback whereever we can, so this one is for you – dear reader – Do you have any experience on how to generate feedback for news? All suggestions are welcome…


One thought on “A small, but very important, step for the intranet

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