The conference season is upon us

November may be one of dullest months of the year – especially in Scandinavia! Luckily some great people make this month much more interesting by hosting a number of conferences every year in November. This year I will be fortunate enough to attend two as a speaker – J. Boye 2012 in Aarhus and Intranett 2012 in Oslo.

First up is what I affectionately call “my local conference” and I have written a little about what I am looking forward to at this particular event. I hope that I will see you there!

Here’s a little exerpt of the post and a link where you can read more.

Apart from giving my own presentation as a part of the intranet conference track, I have also been given the opportunity to host a roundtable about social networking and the intranet. This provides an opportunity not only to share some of my own experiences but also to learn from others what works and what doesn’t – a great way to share in a more informal setting and hopefully get some ideas that can be used when you get back from the conference.

Read the entire post at the J. Boye Conference site…


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