Communities and coffee – We need more virtual baristas!

My two colleagues and I decided to start a blog where we share our experiences from the journey towards a more social business. I hope that you will follow that blog as well. My connaxions blog will remain centered around intranets and the digital workplace but obviously there is also a certain overlap between the two so expect the odd re-blog when it makes sense.

Social Business Journey

Coffee HomerIn Denmark we generally have very clean water so we are used to drinking straight from the tap. This also means that we have very few water coolers – let alone virtual ones. We also drink coffee – lots of coffee – and since this rarely comes out of any taps we rely heavily on coffee machines so it is quite understandable that we also talk about these essential appliances in our daily lives.

So where am I going with this talk about domestic appliances and various kinds of drinks and how is this in ANY way related to social business? I’ll get to that – humor me for just a little longer…

When you talk social business it doesn’t take long before you get into the way things are organized and the next step is often where you talk about community management. It’s easy to agree that it is…

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