Our enterprise social networking story so far – Purpose, communication, and comfortable shoes…

My colleague, Thomas, and myself was interviewed for an article in Danish magazine Computerworld and the above article is what came out of it (English translation, originally shared on the Social Business Journey blog) . If you ask me, it turned out to be a quite nice article about our enterprise social networking (Yammer) efforts so far – it’t not about tools, it’s about culture.

We have achieved a lot but we also have a lot to do!

Social Business Journey

A while back we were approached by the Danish tech site/newspaper “Computerworld” who would like to know a little more about our Yammer journey. Although Yammer plays an important role we were much more interested in talking about the bigger picture and how we are trying to change the culture in Grundfos through the Global Working Culture initiative. The result was a great article which was published yesterday and I think that it provides some good insights on what we have learned so far. For the international audience, I have made a (somewhat automated) translation – see below.

If you prefer the original article in Danish you can read it here: http://www.computerworld.dk/art/227272/saadan-vil-grundfos-tjene-penge-med-globalt-samarbejde


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