Social Business in Grundfos – 8 months later

Earlier this month my colleague Thomas and myself did a follow-up interview with Simply Communicate on the social business journey that we are on in Grundfos. An interview like this is a great opportunity to reflect on what you are working on and why. Across the (virtual) table you have a person with a great deal of curiosity and also a genuine interest in what you are trying to achieve and you are forced (in the most positive sense of the word) to think about this and give some worthwhile answers. Sure it takes time but in the end you also have a golden opportunity to get your mind in order and we have both found it hugely beneficial to articulate what we are trying to achieve – a quite humbling experience really when you read the end result 🙂

So with no further ado and rants about why interviews are fun – Here are the first couple of paragraphs from the article. See the full article on Simply Communicate’s website by following the link below.

Last year we caught up with their Digital Workplace Consultant Martin Risgaard Rasmussen, who told us about the Global Working Culture initiative born inside Grundfos to create a truly global collaborative organisation. To support that vision, the organisation began using the enterprise social network Yammer.

Since then, Grundfos has continued developing its strategy, taking the organisation to an entirely new level of co-operation and innovation. It seems incredible that we featured them only 8 months ago but Risgaard Rasmussen and his colleague Head of Global Working Culture and Social Business Thomas Asger Hansen shared with us the progress they have made in less than a year.


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