Lookout for Lookup!

Phone books and internal directories generally suck. if yours doesn’t you are lucky because in most organisation the people search is average at best. Usually this is not an issue with any platform, it is rather an issue with all the platforms where the data comes from. in a previous role we mapped almost 80 data points that were being used somewhere in the organisation, and needless to say these were not consolidated anywhere.

Why am I talking about phone books? I’m not taking a stab at poor UX or poor master data – quite contrary. I acknowledge that this is no easy task, but with the launch of LinkedIn Lookup (LinkedIn whaaat? Check this excellent post…) I think that companies need to take the effort around finding people more seriously if they insist on keeping this in their own solutions. Already today many joke about that it is easier to find colleagues on LinkedIn than in the internal phone book, and Lookup certainly fuels that fire.

Nice clean interface and some nice filtering features and it does what it says on the tin: Search quickly, Discover easily, Contact instantly. Lots of other tools does this well (Yammer, Delve, etc.) but combined with the fact that people’s profiles on LinkedIn often are the ones most up to date, makes Lookup rather compelling.

Screen from LinkedIn Lookup
Screen from LinkedIn Lookup

Will this be a new industry standard for how to find people inside companies? Maybe that is a bridge too far, but personally I think this is a step in the right direction and it will certainly push the envelope for internal phone books.

What is even more interesting is this: Are we seeing the first glimpse of the LinkedIn Intranet solution that has been rumored since 2012? If so it would be no surprise that “finding people” is the first thing to focus on. I would watch the space carefully something just could be about to happen….


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