Improving Your Enterprise Social Networking Handicap

Some times you start digging through an old file folder and stumble across something that you forgot all about. This just happened to me. Last year I was attending a class on how to improve presentation skills together with my team. For that purpose, we had to make a presentation about a topic that we felt passionate about. For me this meant combining two of my keen interests: Social Collaboration and Golf.

The analogy was something I had been pondering for some time after acting as councilor at a youth golf talent camp. This was a mix of theory and practical exercises and at some point I realised just how much of what the instructor told the aspiring players also applied to what I was doing at work.

In the end it is all about learning new behaviors but also about never losing sight of the goal you want to achieve. You can always do better – but the important thing to keep in mind is that doing nothing gets you absolutely nowhere! With no further ado, here’s the presentation I made. Should you share my passion for golf and/or change management, please let me know if it resonates – even if you don’t share the passion I’m happy to hear your thoughts as well 🙂


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