Speaking Engagements


Since 2007 I have been a regular speaker and panelist at events all over Europe on topics related to the Digital Workplace and Intranets. This has either been in the shape of case studies from the companies I have worked for or outlooks and trends as seen “from the trenches” behind the corporate firewalls.

I am happy to discuss potential engagements – do not hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter.

Past conference speaking engagements
Collab365 (8th October 2015, Global Online event)
Social Business Arena 2015, CeBit (18th March 2015, Hannover, Germany)
Sharepoint Saturday 2015 (14th March 2015, Helsinki, Finland)
Nordic Intranet Summit 2014 (25th November 2014, Stockholm, Sweden)
SMiLE 2014 (17th March 2014, London, UK)
Framtidens Intranät (12th March 2014, Stockholm, Sweden)
IntraTeam Event (27-28th February 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Enterprise 2.0 Summit (11-12th February 2014, Paris, France)
Intranätdagarna (4-5th December 2013, Stockholm, Sweden)
IntraTeam Event 2013 (12-13th November 2013, Stockholm, Sweden)
Microsoft Next (29 + 31st October, Aarhus 2013 + Copenhagen, Denmark)
IOM Summit (25-26th September 2013, Cologne, Germany)
Intranätverk (21-22nd May 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden)
IntraTeam Event 2013 (5-7th March, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Intranett 2012 (21-22nd November, Oslo, Norway)
J. Boye 2012 (6-8th November, Aarhus, Denmark)
Swiss Intranet SUMMIT 2011 (Zürich, Switzerland)
Intranätdagarna 2011:2 (Stockholm, Sweden)
Internal Social Media Forum 2011 (Madrid, Spain)
J. Boye 2010 – Aarhus
Employee Portal Evolution Masters 2010 (Berlin, Germany)
J. Boye 2008 – Aarhus
Content Management Forum 2007

Panellist, workshop facilitation, or external expert presentations
IBFLive (today Digital Workplace Group)
IntraTeam Event Copenhagen
Netværk Danmark (Network Denmark)
J. Boye Communities of Practise
Intra2 Community Day


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