Our enterprise social networking story so far – Purpose, communication, and comfortable shoes…

Originally posted on Social Business Journey:
A while back we were approached by the Danish tech site/newspaper “Computerworld” who would like to know a little more about our Yammer journey. Although Yammer plays an important role we were much more interested in talking about the bigger picture and how we are trying to change the…

COPE with BYOD – Motivators and the impact of Cloud

Spurred on by an article about devices as Corporately Owned Personally Enabled – or COPE for short – as an alternative to Bring Your Own Device, I had a – by Twitter standards – lengthy dialogue with Chris Tubb about the motivators for BYOD. This post is a follow-up to one of my recent posts … More COPE with BYOD – Motivators and the impact of Cloud

How to increase your intranet user satisfaction

When I hear about corporate intranets and how they are perceived by the users, it is clear that some do really well while some struggle. Most are somewhat successful and gradually improving which is good. I recently conducted an intranet survey in my company and much to my surprise our intranet was perceived as both … More How to increase your intranet user satisfaction

A kind of magic

In my last post I mentioned the “Digital is NOW” conference and today I was going over my notes. I stumbled upon the following sentence (said by Asta Wellejus): “The digital stuff is not magic – it’s only tools for making magic happen!” With the annual budget process coming up one could sometime wish that … More A kind of magic